As part of the MERI HELPLIINE project, Telenor Pakistan’s Karachi-based partner organization, Initiator Human Development Foundation (IHDF), will provide help to the street children of Karachi by introducing an emergency phone service for children in difficult circumstances. Any child in crisis can dial above mentioned number and speak to IHDF staff especially hired and trained for this purpose. A number of shopkeepers have been taken onboard by IHDF to provide free of cost calling facility to the child in distress.

A first of a kind in Pakistan, the service seeks to aid all children living on streets who is injured, sick, exploited, abused, in danger, or lonely. They may be street children living on the pavement or railway station, bazaars, or normal children with normal families. Parents will also be able to call in search of a missing child.

Many children who call simply require information, advice or someone to listen, but in more acute instances IHDF will send out its mobile van. In these cases it might be that only medical care is needed, but where the child has been abandoned or run away from home, intervention is often required. MERI HELPLIINE personnel will attempt to locate the family of the child and unite them. Occasionally, a child may be referred to concerned IHDF partner organizations.

Telenor Pakistan is managing this pilot project as part of its corporate responsibility efforts. The company runs many community support projects with the aim to bring the benefit of telecommunications to the most disadvantaged segments of the society.

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    To enhance the quality of life for all members of the society, especially those who are poor, suffering, or are otherwise disadvantaged. To invest in today's children --the leaders of tomorrow-- through knowledge and character-building MERI HELPLIINE and guidance for them, their parents and their communities.