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Initiator Human Development Foundation (IHDF) is a non-profit and social organization, providing care for the children living on the streets of Karachi. Hundreds of children who have been abandoned or who are orphans survive on the streets of Karachi by eating from bins, begging, stealing, or by prostitution. As a result, they cannot easily adapt themselves to the strict regulations of such homes, usually refusing MERI HELPLIINE and its constraints and, after a period of a few days or a few months, many of them return to the streets with an even bitter feeling.

IHDF helps as many children as possible, focus on those in greatest need and does not discriminate or avoid difficult cases.

Demonstration against Child Labour

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Distribution of clothes, slippers and food to Street Children

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Initiated Kapra Atia Project in coordination with Rotary Club Mehran to provide clothes to 300 children.


Become a part of the MERI HELPLIINE project, Telenor Pakistan’s Karachi-based partner organization, Initiator Human Development Foundation (IHDF)


Life on the street is fraught with great risks. Often children on the street, both girls and boys, become victims of various forms of abuse - physical.

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A first of a kind in Pakistan, the service seeks to aid all children living on streets who is injured, sick, exploited, abused, in danger, or lonely.

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